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Lorelle Mercer photography & design

Enhanced Images

Below are a small selection of examples where the background of the image has been altered, taking away the sometimes unsightly vistas of trucks, cars, floats, witches caps, empty seats and so on. The idea is to showcase the image of your horse, without any distractions in the background detracting from the image of the horse. Simple & subtle is often the best, however if you're after something a little different, I shall do my best to help achieve the look you're after.

If you cannot decide on what you'd like done to the image, by all means leave it to me to surprise you. If you could let me know what you have in mind that'd be great - otherwise I'll do what I think looks best.

Another option... "Collage posters"

Below the Enhanced Image examples are examples of my Collage Posters. How to order one of these 16"x20" prints? For your convenience the option is listed on the online proof ordering system, simply select the number of images you wish to have on your collage. I will email you a proof of the artwork to the images to ensure you're happy with ythe work before I send the job to be printed.

Examples below of Enhanced images -place your cursor over the image to view the original image.

  Enhanced Images by Lorelle Mercer  

Collage Prints

Printed at 16"x 20" only

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Collage Prints

Printed at 16"x 20" only