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Ordering Images

Please take a moment to read the information below before proceeding to the proof/ordering pages, terms of use informations appears here along with possible answers to any questions you may have about ordering images.

In Brief...

I can not take orders over the telephone as I'm often away from my desk, your order is required in writing and payment is needed before your order will be processed, payment cannot be made over the 'phone. You will find a full list of print sizes along with relevant prices on the online ordering proof system. Please note, that the on-line proofs are low resolution for speedy download time. All ordered prints are colour corrected, cropped and centred before being sent to a Professional Lab, printed on photographic paper by the "time proven" method - through photographic chemicals, thus producing longer lasting memories.


All proofs, enlargements and digital (email) images remain © Copyright Lorelle Mercer. Under no circumstances are my photograph prints or proofs to be copied and re-printed as photographs. The images may be used for private advertising purposes (ie. the sale of the horse), providing a photo credit is given. Watermarked Proofs are not to be used under any circumstances in any form of advertising such as websites, flyers, in any form whatsoever. This includes sites such as FaceBook, My Space or personal websites. You may use purchased images on websites, all I ask for is a photo credit, that is the words “Photo: Lorelle Mercer” appearing alongside the image.

Standard Digital Images & Terms Of Use

These images are supplied at a size of 4"x6" @ 300dpi and may be printed at this size – no larger. If you require larger prints they are available for purchase. Pricing appears in the image gallery.

Purchased digital (email) images of your horse/pony may be used for advertising purposes (in print or online) providing a photo credit ie. "Photo: Lorelle Mercer" accompanies the image. As stated above, Lorelle Mercer retains the Copyright on all images. Images may not be altered in any way without prior written consent from Lorelle Mercer. The images are not for any third-party to use for advertising. It is your responsibility to archive the images. These images are not for commercial use – see below.

Large file Digital Images & Commercial Use of Images

For third party commercial use OR for private use when you require a larger file size for canvas prints etc. Commercial images are sized at 8"x12" 300dpi - approx. 4MB+- file size. Pricing appears in the image gallery. Written permission of the rider & horse owner will be required if the image is for commercial use.

Enhanced Images

Please take a look at the 'Enhanced Images' page for examples. If you wish to have your photograph professionally “improved” with backgrounds removed, replaced or blurred I do offer this service. Please write your instructions in the comments section of the online ordering system, if no instructions are given I‘ll assume you‘re leaving it up to me to surprise you!

Collage posters

Appearing on the 'Enhanced Image' page of this website are examples of my Collage Prints. How do you order one of these 16"x20" prints? For your convenience there is a Collage section on the online ordering system, simply select the number of images you wish to have on your collage. I will email you a proof of the artwork to the images before I send the work to be printed. Due to the time involved to create these multiple image materpieces, thay are only available in the 16"x20" print size. You may now purchase a digital copy of your collage for $60.00. The digital file will be sized at 6"x8" @ 300dpi.

How long before I receive my order?

Ordinarily, you can expect to receive your prints or email images within 4-6 weeks of your payment being cleared. Turnaround time will of course vary depending on my workload, show schedule & interstate commitments.

Please note: Enhanced images do tend to take a little longer to process due to the time spent on the image artwork.

Ordered prints will arrive in a presentation folder packaged within a reinforced document mailer to protect your prints and will be mailed via Australia Post.

Why is it I am not offering instant downloads for digital image orders?

It's simply not time productive when I'm offering so many images. For example the 2016 Grand National Championships I loaded over 10,000 images for customers to view/purchase. When I process the photo orders I carry out a range of image adjustments as required. Adjustments such as correcting any colour casts, correction of harsh shadows, removal of the 'easy to remove' unsightly objects in images - such as manure, witches caps, flies, dribble (the horses!) and the like. "Fixing" of horses open mouths or closed eyes - all the little things that are sometimes difficult to notice on the low resolution, watermarked proofs. To carry out these edits to 10,000 plus images to load to my website ready for instant downloading is simply not time productive and would take me many weeks to complete before offing the images to my customers. Alternatively I could train/employ someone to help with the workload, which would result in a rise in fees and my valuable customers orders wouldn't be getting my personal attention.

Payment Options

I am unable to process orders before receiving payment. Credit card payments may be made online only - not over the 'phone, not via email, only via the website.

Direct transfers may be made to my bank account. If paying via direct deposit, you may fill in the order form on-line & submit the order, account details are listed on the order form. Please make your transfer as soon as possible, using your surname as the reference or if paying by cash at a St. George Branch use your postcode as a reference. It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me confirmation and a copy of your receipt to notify that your payment has been made, thank you.

If you wish to make a payment by cheque or money order, you may fill in the orderdetails, print & mail with payment.

Printable Order Form

Here's a PDF Order Form for those who wish to fill in the order form, print it & mail with their payment.

<< click here for pdf printable order form >>

Further Enquiries

If you have any questions, I'd be glad to hear from you within normal business hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Ph: 0402 167 976.

If you have any queries about any images you see on this site, please email or 'phone me rather than submitting an order on-line and no, I will not reply to SMS queries or SMS "orders" ! Thank you.

Proofs & Ordering Directly from Proof Images

A new window will open for your convenience. If you need to check the Enhanced Images page or view Copyright information on the images & their use (above) you may simply come back to this window to navigate through the links at the top of the page .

Once you click on a thumbnail image, the image will enlarge and on the right hand side of the page will appear the purchasing options along with relevant prices.

<< Click here >> to view and order proofs.